Get Relief From Your Debts

Get Relief From Your Debts

Learn more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Columbus, GA

Do you want to get rid of your debt without risking your assets? Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a reorganization plan that allows you to keep all of your property. Over the course of a three-year to five-year period, you will pay off your secured debts. With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your unsecured debts are usually eliminated.

One of the myths about bankruptcy is that if you have to file a Chapter 13, you have to pay everyone back. This is usually not the case. We can take the short term secured debt you have (cars, furniture, mortgage arrears, etc) and rework a lower payment, often saving our clients hundreds of dollars a month (and thousands of dollars overall). This process can eliminate most, if not all, of your unsecured debt (credit card, loands, doctor bills, etc). 

Could Chapter 13 bankruptcy work for you? Find out by calling Custer Custer and Clark. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Columbus, Georgia can help determine if Chapter 13 is right for you and your financial situation. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Why should you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

You’re tired of the harassing phone calls. Your bills are piling up on your office desk. You can’t take another second living in debt. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Columbus, GA, you can:

  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Stop repossessions
  • Stop harassing phone calls, emails and other communications
  • Stop foreclosures and allow you to gradually catch up on what you are behind on your home
  • Stop collection actions against you
  • Prevent your utilities from being cut off
  • Prevent an eviction
  • Stop a tax lien
  • Stop collection actions against you

Additionally, there are some things Chapter 13 may do for YOU:

  • Lower your monthly payments on cars, furniture or other items you are making payments on
  • Stop a license from being suspended for past due child support
  • Allow you to pay back taxes at a lower, reasonable amount that you can afford
  • Eliminate all or part of your unsecured debt
  • Help you with business debts, depending on how the business is structured

Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help you restructure your finances to give your bank account a fresh start. If you would like to eliminate your unsecured debts and start paying off your secured debts, call Custer Custer and Clark for help.